The All Saints Mardi Gras has come to an end and even though it was a huge amount of work it was still a great time.  Many people and companies invested a great deal of time and energy in the months working up to the event and it showed.  Everyone enjoyed the wonderful food from Cattlemen’s Steak House and amazing music provided by Louis Najar.  As every event of this kind does, we had a few hiccups but nothing that couldn’t be remedied quickly and that just gives us a little more knowledge for next year.

Door prizes were given away, auction items were bid on and competed over, we ate King Cake, danced and after a tense election we even had a King and Queen crowned. Some would say that is enough but in the end this is a fundraiser and we were partying for the school (life is hard). After all the balloons were popped and the bills were paid, the All Saints Mardi Gras dinner and dance did pretty good. We can’t give out too many specifics but our King and Queen election generated over $630 and our silent auction produced over $4,000.  These two items combined with the sale of King Cake, masks, beads, boas and photos amounted to the best Mardi Gras fundraiser we have had to date.

Below is a photo of this year’s new King and Queen.  The election was started weeks before the Mardi Gras dance and finished that night.  After an intense election and a number of votes from the party guests the new royals were chosen.  Tommy and Candice Rincon were voted into their very auspicious position by some very generous people.  Their new royal standing has earned them a number gift certificates from around Roswell and two free passes into next years Mardi Gras.

A big thanks to the photographer of our Mardi Gras. The photo of our King and Queen was taken by a local photograph Jeff Neria and his team who have helped with the Mardi Gras dance for the last few years. Thank you so much Jeff.

With that we hope to see you at next years Mardi Gras Dinner and Dance.

God Bless.