Hard work pays for the Queen.


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The King and Queen election turned into a very tight race on Saturday night. The Angladas and Rincons were neck and neck for the majority of the night until the Rincons took a substantial lead towards the end of the race.  If you know Marianne Anglada then you also know she is not one to go down without a fight.  Some quick campaigning and maybe a few fancy moves on the dance floor earned the Angladas a last minute rush of votes.  That swarm of votes just made it in time to beat the buzzer and place Marianne and Richard on the top of the count.

The Angladas beat the Rincons by a difference of only $3.00 to win the ever-so coveted title of King and Queen for the All Saints 20th Mardi Gras Celebration.  King Richard and Queen Marianne earned themselves a few gift certificates from Peppers Grill & Bar, a gift certificate to Tracy’s Nails & Spa and two free tickets to next year’s Mardi Gras.

It is rather fitting that the Angladas were crowned.  Much like our DJ, Louis Najar, they have been a staple of the Mardi Gras celebrations for all its twenty years.

Congratulations to the new royals.

Overall the election generated more than $1,500 in just a few hours.  All of which will go to the day-to-day operations of All Saints Catholic School and that benefits the kids of Roswell.  Who says you can’t have a good time and still make a difference?


The Race Has Begun!


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What race you ask. The King and Queen election race of course. I was just given today monetary votes for one of our nominated couples.

Let me explain how this works.  Every year we have a couple crowned as King and Queen of Mardi Gras.  You can nominate friends, family members or yourself by writing the nominees’ names on a nomination envelope and filling it with dollars (votes).

Yes, our election works just like a real one.  The candidates with the most money win.

You can see by our graph down below that Marianne and Richard have already hit the ground running.  They’re not going to waste any time waiting for Saturday night to campaign for votes.  Winning King and Queen of the twentieth is kind of a big deal.

I know what your going to say. “They’re so far ahead there’s no way to catch them.”  Now that’s not true.  They just happen to have a little bit of a head start.  If you want to beat them your just going to have to work a bit harder on Saturday night.

Remember, every dollar you send in equals one vote.  So vote often, because it all goes to benefit the kids of All Saints Catholic School.

Donations and Schedule


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We have been gathering a great collection of donations from our beautiful city.  We have spa package, dinners from local restaurants and a whole slew of goodies for our silent auction and door prizes.

To help keep everyone informed on our Mardi Gras Dinner and Dance, here is our schedule of events.

If you still don’t have your tickets they are on sale now and you can pick them up at the All Saints Catholic School office at 2700 North Kentucky Avenue Roswell, NM 88201-5814 for $35.00 per person.  You can also call All Saints Catholic School office at (575) 627-5744 for more information.

Event Page


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I know what you’re saying. “I want to go to Mardi Gras but I don’t know anyone there.” Well, now you can see who is planning on going.

Our amazing dj, Louis Najar has set up a Facebook event page for the 20th Annual Mardi Gras. So click on the facebook link and see who is planning on attending.

You can even mark yourself as “Going” and then invite some of your friends.

Donations Donations


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The donations are coming in.  We have received a gift for our silent auction from Dara’s Custom Upholstery, Drapes and Bedding.

As you know, our annual Mardi Gras fundraiser would not happen if not for the dedication of the parents, teachers and families of All Saints Catholic School.  It would also not be possible without he continuous backing and generosity of Roswell as a whole.  It’s the family and friends of All Saints that make this event a continuing success.  Stop by Dara’s Custom Upholstery at 304 N. Main Street in Roswell and let them know how much you appreciate the support they have given to us.

Attention – Attention !!


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Mardi Gras is getting a little closer everyday, and we have begun to experience just the kind of support you would expect from a community like Roswell, New Mexico.  Every year our community comes together in support of All Saints Catholic School and to have a little fun in the process.skull round black on black - small

We have already picked up a number of silent auction and door prize items for the big night.  Just yesterday we confirmed an impressive gift from Warrior1 Consulting & Training. We don’t want to give away too much about what we will be auctioning off or giving away but, we will say, it will definitely be worth shooting by Mardi Gras and taking aim at our silent auction.

Mardi Gras is Coming!!!


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It’s that time again.  Mardi Gras is getting closer and All Saints is making preparations for its big Annual Mardi Gras Dinner and Dance.  March 1st marks the 20th anniversary of the event and that makes this year a pretty big deal.

We’re going to be pulling out all the stops.  Everything is going to bolder, bigger and better so we hope your ready.  If you’re not ready – get ready before March 1st because a 20th only happens once, or at least once every 20 years.

We’ve already begun collecting door prizes and silent auction items.  Twincorner art+design will be helping with the decorations and of course one of the originators of the event DJ Louise Najar will be providing the music.

You may have about a month and a half before the event but tickets being sold now and they are moving fast.  You don’t want to get left out so you might want to get yours now.

A Race of Honor and Distinction


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After a very close election race this past Saturday a final winning couple was announced.  Adam and Cassi Rincon were crowned the new King and Queen of this year’s Mardi Gras Dinner and Dance.  Our new royals were elected through the very determined efforts of their family and friends.

Although the new young royals were very honored to be awarded the thrown, they were even more amazed that they had somehow won against the very loved Deacon Howard and Liz Herring. The election was something of a shock because the Herrings were the favorite win.  You can see just how close the election was.

It is possible that Adam’s rugged good looks, honorable demeanor and obvious distinction put them over the top.

Adam and Cassi

You can read more about how our election is run on our King and Queen Election page.

A Quick Thank You –


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We just wanted to give a quick thanks to all of the supporters, donors and volunteers of this years Mardi Gras Dinner and Dance.

Here are some, but not all of the helpers and donors that came together this weekend to support our school and the children that attend it.