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As you know this type of event hinges on donations and gifts, and the willingness of the community to provide these.  Well, we have good news. Some of the local businesses have already come thru with some extreme generosity.

For starters, Amy’s Fireworks has delivered a few very nice pieces.  One of which is a beautiful wooden desk.  So you may want to keep an eye out for that while you are looking thru the silent auction room on February 18th.

One of the other items that has been donated is a bit more techy.  Twincorner Art & Design has donated an Imation Link Video Extender. What is that exactly? The Imation Link makes it possible for you to display your laptop screen onto you HD television.  Pretty cool! Take a look at the video for a little more info and maybe you can get the real thing at Mardi Gras.

We may use the Imation Link as the prize for the mask and costume drawing. Remember if you come to Mardi Gras with your Mardi Gras mask or in costume you will be automatically entered into the drawing.

Those are not the only donations we have and they certainly won’t be the last. We have also been given a beautiful print from the local artist Paul Drum and we typically receive a piece of jewelry or work of art from one of the local jewelers.

Keep checking back and we’ll keep updating.